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Living with Urban Heritage

On 20 February 2018 we were delighted to welcome Professor Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem as part of the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage visiting lecture series.

Professor Abdelmonem is Chair in Architecture and the Director of the Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage (CAUGH) at the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University, and co-lead of University’s Research Theme: “Global Heritage: Science, Management and Development.” His research and publications focus on the modern interpretation of heritage, socio-spatial practice in historic environments, the architecture of home, spatial memory, and the politics of urban space in everyday life.

The lecture, Living with Urban Heritage: Decoding Architectures and Spatial Systems of Urban Division in the Contemporary City, explored the physical and spatial interpretations of human activities through historic buildings. Professor Abdelmonem discussed the ways in which urban heritage acts as tangible intergenerational link with the past, reflecting the endurance of human imprints, spatial practices and memory in everyday life. In particular, his research has focussed on three urban case studies; Cairo, Berlin and Belfast. Professor Abdelmonem used these case studies to explain how understanding the architectural layout of an urban area or historic building can also help us to understand the heritage, social dynamics, and hidden layers of a city.

To watch the presentation, please click here.