Dr Fernando Gomez Herrero  participated in the “Los Nuevos Caminos del Hispanismo / Nouveaux Chemis De l'Hispanisme” (Casa Velázquez, Madrid, 16-17 October.).

Fernando Gomez Herrero speaking in Madrid in October 2018

French Hispanists at the Casa Velázquez in the University of Madrid campus are about to celebrate its centenary in 2019. The celebrations started last month with two days entitled “Los Nuevos Caminos del Hispanismo / Nouveaux Chemis de L’Hispanisme,” which gathered 40 participants to present papers and discuss  the “new ways of Hispanic Studies”.

Participants at “Los Nuevos Caminos del Hispanismo / Nouveaux Chemis De l”Hispanisme” (Casa Velázquez, Madrid, 16-17 October

All presentations were in Spanish and participants were both established scholars of the caliber of Fernando Bouza Alvarez and Carlos Martínez Shaw and graduate students in the final stages of dissertation work. Dr. Fernando Gómez Herrero was one of the two British representatives. His talk addressed the Anglophone (mis-)handling of the historical figure of the intellectual Dominican Francisco de Vitoria (1492-1546), foundational father of “international law,” by two noted figures on both sides of the Atlantic, satirical English novelist Evelyn Waugh (1930-1966) and American politician and public intellectual Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927-200).

The paper handled international law in the immediate context of Franco Spain and Reagan USA, uses of Vitoria in literatura and sociology, connections between politics and policy, Spanish and English relations, etc. This paper, reconstructing 20th century networks across the Atlantic, has also been delivered in New York, Madrid and London.