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Sarah King introduces the HEFi Awards and Recognition Framework, to support staff to deliver effective teaching throughout their career

HEFi Award and Recognition Framework for Academic Staff: Engagement with and raising the profile of teaching excellence within the institution

Career Stage

Opportunities / Engagement

Recognition / Award

Suggested output and impact

Early Career (typically less than two years teaching experience)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education   (probationary requirement)
  • Beacon Professional Recognition Scheme
  • HEFi CPD / College-based CPD
  • PGCHE:    60 credits postgraduate certificate, including Fellowship of the HEA, and SEDA Learning, Teaching and Assessing Award.
  • Beacon: Associate Fellowship HEA / Fellowship HEA
  • HEFi micro-CPD
  • Big Conversation blog
  • Contribution to HEFi Open (forthcoming)
  • Contributions to learning and teaching   workshops within HEFi / College

Developing career

  • Beacon Professional Recognition Scheme
  • HEFi CPD / College-based CPD
  • Educational Enhancement Fund
  • Birmingham – Nottingham Education Partnership   Fund
  • External grants (eg SEDA Research and   Evaluation Small Grants)
  • Outstanding Teaching Awards (VC Guild Awards)
  • HEFi Awards for Educational Enhancement and   Innovation
  • Beacon: Fellowship HEA / Senior Fellowship HEA

As above

Emerging Educational Leadership

As above, plus:

  • Leading HEFi CPD workshops
  • Supporting early / developing career   colleagues (eg PGCHE mentoring, action learning set facilitation, Beacon   mentoring and assessing)

As above, plus:

  • Senior Fellowship HEA
  • HEFi Scholar
  • National Teaching Fellowships

As above, plus:

  • External publication
  • External awards (eg Advance HE Collaborative   Awards for Teaching Excellence)
  • Support for wider UoB academic community

Leadership in Teaching Excellence

As above, plus:

  • HEFi “think-tanks” and strategic initiatives
  • Leadership of HEFi workstreams / themes
  • External engagement

As above, plus:

  • National Teaching Fellowships
  • HEFi Fellow
  • HEFi Steering Group

As above, plus:

  • Sector engagement (eg external education   committees, panels, external consultancy etc)

Further details and background of the initiatives referred to above are avilable in the full HEFi Awards and Recognition Framework.