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Monica Lloyd of the Centre for Applied Psychology has been honoured by the British Psychological Society where she has been elected as a Fellow. Cited was her work within prisons as a practitioner and within HM Inspectorate of Prisons where she formalised the methodology for inspecting places of custody, and completed influential thematic reviews of race relations, suicide prevention, mental health care and the use of segregation in prisons. Before joining the Centre for Applied Psychology as Training Coordinator for the new Forensic Clinical Psychology Doctorate course, Monica helped to steer this new course through the University accreditation process, and satisfy both the BPS and HCPC accreditation criteria for professional chartership and registration.  

Her work with terrorist offenders in custody was also cited as leading to the development of a risk assessment framework for extremist violence (ERG22+) and ongoing consultancy with the Home Office, assisting with the assessment of the vulnerabilities to extremism in those potentially at risk in the community.