The University of Birmingham is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Marta Mazzocco at the School of Mathematics.

Professor Mazzocco joins the School of Mathematics from Loughborough University where she held a personal chair position since 2014, as well as the role of Director of Equality and Diversity for the School of Science. A hugely energetic mathematician, she delivers ambitious and imaginative academic leadership by anticipating research trends and attracting substantial external funding. 

Professor Mazzocco is a specialist in the area of integrable systems, namely mathematical problems often motivated by mathematical physics that present unexpected beauty - a serendipity of geometric/algebraic/analytical structures that make a very complicated problem solvable.

Professor Mazzocco’s research brings geometry, quantum algebra and analysis together to describe and tackle problems which have so far resisted all other methods.  Speaking on her appointment, she said: “I look forward to start a new group in Geometry and Mathematical Physics here at Birmingham, an area of excellence in the UK originating from Sir Michael Atiyha’s school that complements the existing outstanding expertise in School of Mathematics and in the School of Physics and Astronomy.”

Professor Mazzocco is also a keen advocate of the importance of basic research and its role in society. Commenting on this, she said: “I believe that in the current funding landscape that emphasises socio-economic impact, it is paramount to nurture interdisciplinary research as well as to raise the profile of the unique contribution that Mathematical Sciences brings to the overall research base, the economy and society”. This belief has driven her to become a member of the Council of the European Mathematical Society; of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications Research Committee; and of the London Mathematical Society Nominating Committee.  

Professor Mazzocco is also passionate about promoting Equality and Diversity initiatives both within her own University and internationally. In her previous position at Loughborough University she was Director of Equality and Diversity for the School of Science, a role that allowed her to positively influence the School and University strategy in all aspects of academic life. For example, she introduced a policy to substantially reduce the workload of academics returning from a career break; changed the University regulation on the composition of interviewing and appointing panels; and championed the introduction of seven race and equality principles.

Summarising her ambitions for the school and its impact both for staff and research, she said:

“I am keen to make a difference at Birmingham University. My vision is that of a School that supports its staff to grow and thrive; widens the pool of talent both in student and staff recruitment; and is pace setting in its equality and diversity provision, as well as in its international research.” 

Find out more about Professor Mazzocco’s research interests and expertise:

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