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medical equipment on table for nhs 70th birthday
Celebrating 70 years of the NHS - 1948 - 2018.

Following the 70th Anniversary of the NHS last week, Dr Sophie Cox and Professor Martin Powell spoke on a University podcast to discuss the contribution the University of Birmingham has made to the NHS, its role in today’s society, the challenges it faces moving forward, and future innovations in healthcare.

The latest episode NHS at 70 features on Friday afternoon at The Bratby, a University of Birmingham podcast featuring academic experts.

Dr Sophie Cox, Lecturer at the Healthcare Technologies Institute, and Professor Martin Powell, Professor of Health and Social Policy, discuss changes to the NHS and ways research will ensure that the NHS has a sustainable future. Can healthcare technologies help meet some of the challenges that the NHS face?

Dr Sophie Cox highlights the technological innovations that are on the horizon that can help meet some of the big challenges that the NHS faces going forward, including how significant antimicrobial resistance is to delivering efficient healthcare worldwide.

Listen to the full podcast here: