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Since the new Code and easier-to-use system were introduced at the start of 2017/18, sessions recorded have increased by 44% compared to 2016/17, and hours viewed have increased by 59%. During 2017/18 Birmingham saw the second highest viewings of recordings of all EU Universities using Panopto.


As previously advised, we have been working closely with academic staff in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences to investigate effective solutions to enable a recorded lecture experience for whiteboard / chalkboard users.  At the start of the year, Whiteboard Capture was piloted in 7 teaching spaces across campus and positive feedback was received from both students and academic colleagues.  Therefore, Whiteboard Capture has being rolled out to rooms across campus and these will be clearly identified as ‘Lecture Capture +’ by in room signage. Rooms have been selected to target those disciplines which use whiteboards extensively.  All the other Panopto enabled rooms will retain their standard functionality.

Whiteboard Capture uses cameras to capture content written on boards at the front of teaching spaces, but the fundamental principle of our Panopto provision is that nothing will be recorded without the action of the lecturer on an opt-in basis.

As well as working to further improve the Lecture Capture facilities, we have also been working to ensure that the Code remains fit for purpose. Following a review of the content, the Code has been edited to ensure that information is accurate, to include new functionality (Lecture Capture+/Whiteboard Capture), and to clarify the ambiguities surrounding archive and deletion.

No substantive changes have been made; the fundamental principles of the policy are the same and the system remains opt in.

The revised Code will take effect from 1st October 2018 and can be accessed here.

Resources to support your use of Lecture Capture are available via the HEFi Learning and Teaching Gateway and this includes advice on making and editing recordings.