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Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks from May to September 2018

  • On 23 May the PERFECT team organised a successful workshop on Confabulation at St Anne’s College Oxford , where Sophie Stammers presented a paper entitled "Confabulation, and Other Stories that Narrative Explainers Tell”.
  • On 28 May Lisa Bortolotti and Sophie Stammers participated in a workshop on Confabulation and Epistemic Innocence hosted by Elisabetta Lalumera at the University of Milan Bicocca, where they delivered talks on how the notion of epistemic innocence can be applied to confabulation.
  • On 19 June, Michael Larkin (Aston University) presented a paper on co-designing health and social services with vulnerable populations at the ServDes conference in Milan, Italy.
  • On 21 June Valeria Motta presented a talk entitled "What Loneliness" at the Society for European Philosophy Annual Conference in Essex .
  • On 22 June Michael Larkin (Aston University) led a co-design event to improve help-seeking pathways for domestic violence, in partnership with West Midlands Police, the Wolverhampton Domestic Violence Forum, and the West Midlands PCC's Office, Wolverhampton, Chancellor's Hall.
  • On 24 June Matthew Broome and Lisa Bortolotti chaired a Symposium entitled "Advances in Phenomenological Psychiatry" at the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Annual Congress in Birmingham. Speakers included Femi Oyebode, and KWM (Bill) Fulford. 
  • On 1 July Sophie Stammers will give a talk on stigma, care and empowerment as part of a panel entitled "Applied Epistemology in Health Care and Finance: Epistemic Injustice and Cognitive Biases" at the Society for Applied Philosophy annual conference in Utrecht.
  • On 3 July Lisa Bortolotti and Kathy Puddifoot will present their recent work at an Epistemic Innocence panel during the Epistemic Petrification conference in Bristol, UK.
  • On 5-13 July Valeria Motta will participate in the 2018 International Summer School for Affective Sciences (ISSAS) in Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • On 10 September, there will be a symposium on Epistemic Innocence featuring talks by Sophie Stammers, Ema Sullivan-Bissett, Kathy Puddifoot, Valeria Motta, and Matilde Aliffi at the  European Society for Philosophy and Psychology conference in Rijeka, Croatia.
  • On 13 September Lisa Bortolotti will deliver a keynote talk on Delusions and Rationality at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Faculty of Neuropsychiatry Annual Conference in London.
  • On 20—23 September, Michael Larkin will speak at the Qualitative Research in Mental Health Conference in Berlin. Michael will participate in the symposium entitled: “Visualising experience in mental health research: Affectivity, relationality, temporality”, organised by network member Zoë Boden.