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Researchers from Project PERFECT will be giving a series of talks from October to December 2018

  • On 15 October, Sophie Stammers participated in a workshop on co-production at the IMH Inaugural Forum in Birmingham, presenting the outcomes of her collaboration with Mind in Camden.
  • On 18 October, Lisa Bortolotti presented her paper "Delusions and Three Myths of Irrational Belief” at the Department of Psychiatry research seminar, University of Cambridge.
  • On 7 November Alex Miller Tate presented his paper on "Depression, Empathy and Experiential Difference" at the Philosophy Postgraduate Seminar, University of Birmingham.
  • On 22 November, Alex Miller Tate will participate in a panel organised by HSBC at their offices in Birmingham city centre. The panel discussion will focus on the impact of young people’s mental health on their overall wellbeing and future potential.
  • On 29 November, Lisa Bortolotti will present her paper "Sharing Personal Stories in Mental Health Debates" at the Sowerby Philosophy and Medicine Colloquium, King’s College London.
  • On 5-7 December, Sophie Stammers is attending the inaugural meeting of the Australasian Society for Philosophy and Psychology in Sydney. Her presentation is entitled: “Confabulation, the stigma of illness and stories of empowerment”.
  • Sophie Stammers will engage in some outreach and impact activities for the project during her trip to Sydney in December 2018. She will work with Inside Out Australia to deliver a version of her Philosophy of Mind workshop series on 3 December. She will also deliver a talk entitled: "The power of narratives in dementia care" to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists