A group of 4 student interns from POLSIS visited several London fintech (financial technology) firms on Monday 18th June as part of a research project on the changing shape of the British banking sector.

Four interns funded by the School of Government and Society under the Summer Internship Programme accompanied Dr Huw Macartney to London to interview several London fintech firms on Monday 18th June.

The interns had been working on a project examining the UK’s leading role in promoting financial technology. The UK Treasury and the Competition and Markets Authority have promoted Open Banking to introduce greater competition in business and consumer lending. The interns had been examining the impact that the emerging fintech firms have been having in the UK, the US, and China.

The purpose of the London interviews was to explore the vision and strategy of the respective firms. It also gave the interns first-hand experience though of the exciting and innovative work that these leading fintech firms have been involved in.