The POLSIS Political Economy Research Group and European Studies Research Group co-hosted a ‘work-in-progress’ workshop on 21-22 June. 

The workshops have become an annual feature for the Political Economy Research Group – and this year they were joined by the European Studies Research Group. The format of the workshops allows sustained discussion of each of the participant’s current work-in-progress, creating an ideal opportunity for feedback and for sharing ideas at the early stage of developing work.

This year we invited academics from across the discipline of political economy, both from within and outside of the University of Birmingham. The participants this year were: Earl Gammon (Sussex), Lena Rethel (Warwick), Paul Lewis (Birmingham), David Bailey (Birmingham) and Saori Shibata (Leiden), Yuliya Yurchenko (Greenwich), Onna Malou van den Broek (KCL), Stuart Shields (Manchester), Maria Ivanova (Goldsmiths), Feyzi Ismail (SOAS), Zoe Pflaeger Young (De Montfort), Oscar Lindsell-Hales (Birmingham), Huw Macartney (Birmingham), Julia Lux (Liverpool Hope), Adam Fishwick (De Montfort) and John Evemy (Birmingham).

The topics presented included the introduction of emotion to the study of political economy, Islamic finance, the place of social movements within political economy, Ukraine and the role of toxic debt, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, the role and the EBRD, Marxist approaches to the theory of money, new developments in banking, financial inclusion in Nepal, feminist approaches to social and fiscal policies, and the role of resistance in understanding development policies.

The event was well received by all participants, and the POLSIS Research Group annual workshop promises to be a format that will continue to provide an opportunity for political economy scholars to come together to share work, discuss and receive feedback.