Interior of the Great Hall.

The School of Psychology is proud to be hosting its first Annual Student Conference on the 26 February 2019 in the Aston Webb Great Hall. 

This exciting day promises to bring together the student community and provide an opportunity for the School to showcase its research to the University faculty in a way that is both enjoyable and rewarding. 

The day is a milestone that student delegates will reach in the final year of their degree, drawing together all of the hard work they put into carrying out their research project, and culminating in a poster presentation to their peers, project supervisors and other Psychology and university staff. It also offers an important chance for networking with support being offered by a number of key publishers. And, professional societies will also be represented to help facilitate students’ career aspirations as they reach forward into professional life.

The keynote speaker at this event will be renowned psychologist, Professor Dominic Abrams from the University of Kent, Canterbury. Professor Abrams has worked closely both with the charitable sector (notably Age UK, the Anne Frank Trust, and People United), and with government departments (DWP, CLG) as well as with the Equality and Human Rights Commission to develop and evaluate interventions to reduce prejudice and discrimination. He has served as a member of the Academy of Sciences, and has been a longstanding member of the Psychology REF panel.  In addition, Professor Abrams has authored over 200 papers and numerous books on social groups, identity and social inclusion, and he currently co-edits the journal, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations.

Drs Julie Christian and Dr Stephen Mayhew, co-chairs of the event commented, “We aim to integrate the student community so they can share their journey through the third year and discuss their career aspirations and life after graduation”.