On 17 January UoB Railsoc ventured out to Kidderminster to visit the diesel depot found at the Severn Valley Railway.


Situated at one end of the 16 mile run on the Severn Valley Railway; the brand new maintenance depot was constructed as recently as 2015 in order to maintain the growing collection of heritage diesels which run on the line.

After arriving off the train into Kidderminster, we had a look around the wonderfully built replica station at Kidderminster Town, before meeting up with one of the volunteers at the depot who conducted the tour across the complex. Inside the diesel depot we saw a variety of heritage locomotives in for repair and overhaul and were talked through what was happening with each one.


The Severn Valley Railway is well known for their collection of historic carriages, and opposite the diesel depot are the carriage sheds which protect the most vunerable coaches from the elements. Here we had a further tour of these sheds, meeting other volunteers working on restoring the carriages.


On leaving the site there was ample opportunity to take photos of the station area and depot from normally inaccessible locations to the regular visitor to the Severn Valley Railway, as we headed back to the station at the end of the depot visit. Overall it was an excellent and insightful look into the efforts of preservationists on the Severn Valley Railway. With many more similar trips instore both involving the contemporary and heritage railways why not take a look at our upcoming events?