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A group of Engineering and Physical Sciences students have today set off to tackle to world's the greatest motoring adventure: the Mongol Rally.

The team consists of mechanical engineering student Harry, chemical engineer Anu, materials engineer Felix and physicist Michael; all of whom have hands-on experience of working with and maintaining cars. The four met through the University's Sailing Club and will race under the team name "Brummy Boaty Brethren".

Starting in a secret location 30 minutes west of Prague in the Czech Republic, the Mongol Rally sees teams of up to 5 race across 10,000 miles of mountains, desert and steppe of Europe and Asia each summer. Driving in a 1000cc car, there’s no backup, no support and no set route; all in the name of adventure and charity.

The team are driving in support of Cool Earth, the rally's dedicated charity which supports the protection of rainforests, and their chosen charity of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. The Trust is aims to help children and young adults aged 8-24 to rebuild their confidence after cancer treatment using sailing to support, empower and inspire.  In March 2018 the four learnt that their friend and fellow Sailing Club member had been diagnosed with a recurrent osteosarcoma, cancerous tumors in his bones. Despite all the painful hurdles thrown his way, he always turned up to sailing events whenever it has been possible. His resilience, attitude and most of all kindness are admired throughout the Club and all rooting for his swift recovery. The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust has supported him throughout his lifetime and is very close to his heart.

Harry, Anu, Felix and Michael today set off from Prague in their 2003 Nissan Micra, on a mission to reach the finish line in the Siberian town of Ulan Ude. Their adventure could take anything between three to eight weeks! Follow their journey via the Brummy Boaty Brethren Facebook page or track their journey live online. If you'd like to support the team on their mission please visit their Virgin Money Giving page.

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