University of Birmingham staff are invited to register for this CoSS Education and HEFi joint seminar.

Wednesday 21st November 2018 : 12pm - 3pm

Harvard Lecture Theatre, Alan Walters Building, University of Birmingham

Digital technology is transforming higher education; it has changed how we research and teach. This transformation raises some big questions that all academics should be concerned with. These questions include; does digital technology enhance student experience and learning?; does digital technology improve our capacity to research?; is the disruptive nature of digital technology on higher education inevitable?; and, on balance is it a force for good?. These questions and others will be addressed in this CoSS seminar that will adopt a critical yet realist standpoint to debate the impact of digital technologies on higher education. Invited speakers, as well as those representing the University of Birmingham, will present the different sides of the core arguments whilst exploring what it means to be a Digital Academic.


12.00 Lunch

12.30 Welcome and Introduction: Kathy Armour / Graham Timmins

12.40 Switch It Off, Switch It On Again: Re-imagining technology enhanced learning in higher education. Dr Michael Flavin (Head of Curriculum Innovation, Kings College London)

13.25 Can technology transform education and how would we know? Professor Linda Price (Director of Academic and Organisational Development, University of Bedfordshire)

14.10 Response Dr Tom Harrison (School of Education, University of Birmingham)

14.20 Response by Jane James (HEFi, University of Birmingham)

14.30 Q and A

15.00 Close