Dr Kate Woodcock is part of a team of six investigators that formed itself during a competitive workshop to precipitate research ideas, as a part of an open innovation in science initiative led by Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft in Austria. The team conceived the project Die Offene Tür (The Open Door) and have been awarded €3 million euros to support it. See what it’s all about here: http://dot.lbg.ac.at/video/.   

The project kicked off on 11 January 2018 in Krems, Lower Austria, with a press breakfast and an afternoon with stakeholders. The D.O.T. project is a four-year research program about strengthening connections between young people. We need good connections with our peers to stay healthy and happy. These links can be lost at times of change, such as the transition from primary to secondary school, especially when young people face challenges elsewhere. In D.O.T. we're seeking to understand what affects social connectedness, and how best to help at-risk young people get the support they need from their peers. We are also developing a digital and in-school programme to support each individual young person to develop their social connections in the way that is going to be most helpful for them.