Since 9/11, there has been a significant increase in scholarship about religion and its influence on international conflicts and domestic politics. It is no longer the “black hole” of political science. However this growing interest has yet to be translated into substantial research that could improve the political understanding of religion in politics in diverse cultural contexts and dissipate policy-makers’ unease and sometimes lack of understanding of religion. This seminar will serve as a platform of exchange and discussion between POLSIS and PTR scholars as well as graduate students on topics of shared interest.

Professor Nicholas Wheeler presented from his current research based on Durkheim’s Philosophy of Religion to analyze interpersonal interaction and the conditions under which positive emotional energy develops in face- to- face encounters.

Nicholas Wheeler is Professor of International Relations and Director of the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security. His most recent book Trusting Enemies: Interpersonal Relationships in International Conflict was published by Oxford University Press in March 2018