Our congratulations go to Teresa Madurai and Gary Law for their nominations by our trainees and students for their outstanding quality of teaching in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences. The Outstanding Teaching Awards are designed to recognise outstanding teaching across the five Colleges at the University of Birmingham. Just some of the positive comments from our students and trainees about their teaching were:

"He is the most enthusiastic lecturer I have met throughout my 4 years at university".

"Gary's support, hard-work and professional approach will never be forgotten once I leave university and I truly believe his dedication to the betterment of the course must be recognised and valued. He is an asset to the University, to the School of Psychology and to the course, and thanks to his dedication, the course is so highly valued".

“Her feedback on coursework is always constructive, fair and gives you a great understanding of where to improve for next time.”

 “Teresa shows genuine concern in the well-being of all her students, exemplified through the Reflective Practice Groups organised for small-group reflection on the course.”

“Her approach to Psychology is with enthusiasm and is very motivating for students… Her enthusiasm and passion for the field of Psychology reflects onto me too. For someone who is so genuine, hard-working and strong in her desire to support students, I believe she is worthy of an award.”