The team have seen in the beginning of 2018 picking up where they left off at the end of 2017: with lots of hard work! The wing and chassis manufacturing are well underway with lots of jobs for new team members, meaning everyone is getting stuck in. Team Principal, David Owen, said “[2018] is looking like a very promising year with lots to build on and we look set to be ready earlier than previous years, so we’re optimistic looking forward”. Still a long way to go but here’s to 2018.

The team will, of course, be attending the UK competition this year and we will have the number 2, following our second place overall at FSUK 2017. There is a wide variety of teams this year including from the USA, Egypt, Malta, Iran and Saudi Arabia. We look forward to seeing the regular faces there too!

As well as the usual UK competition, UBRacing are proud to say that we will be attending the Formula Student Germany competition! The team completed the quiz for Germany on the 22nd January in the 7th fastest time but were kept in suspense as to how many had been answered correctly and how everyone else had done, due to a longer than normal protest period. But after a long wait, the team were thrilled to hear we were the only English team to get in, with Strathclyde being the only other UK team. We are hugely excited and cannot wait to pit ourselves against the best teams in the world.

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UBRacing January 2018 newsletter