As part of her ongoing collaborations in Africa to improve outcome for children with cancer, Farhat Khanim visits Egypt and Tanzania.


This month, Farhat Khanim, together with her distance learning PhD student, Riham Iadevaia, visited children’s cancer centres/hospitals in Cairo, Mansoura and Alexandria in Egypt.  Farhat is pictured on a tour of the paediatric oncology wards at Oncology Centre Mansoura University in Mansoura, Egypt, with Riham, Dr Ahmed Mansour (Head of Paediatric Oncology) and Prof Mohammed Sallah (Director of MU International Relations Office). 

After five days in Egypt, Farhat flew to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to meet with Dr Trish Scanlon and the team at the paediatric oncology ward (Upenda) at Muhimbili University Hospital.  Farhat is also pictured with staff from Ujasiri House on the morning fruit smoothie run.  Ujasiri House is a hostel on the hospital grounds that provides everything for children (and their families) between cycles of chemotherapy.


In both countries, there were many successful meetings to discuss collaborations, clinical trials and research, with some amazing people working under some very difficult circumstances.

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