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Best presentation winner, Benham Dashtbozorg

The 7th Materials Forum of the School of Metallurgy and Materials, organised by the Postgraduate Staff Student Liaison Committee (PSSLC), took place on Tuesday 29th January. The Materials Forum has become a yearly tradition where postgraduate students can share their research results in a familiar atmosphere. Every year the forum attracts students from different topics of Materials Science to exchange their knowledge, insights and to share experiences.

The forum involved a series of student presentations around their chosen research topic, judged by a panel of academic and research staff from across the School. A poster presentation session followed where all attendees were invited to vote for their favourite poster.

Congratulations to Benham Dashtbozorg who was awarded the first place prize for best presentation, titled "Development and characterization of novel-lasting antibacterial stainless steel surfaces", and to Katherine Franklin who was awarded the first place prize for best poster, titled “Friction Welding of Future Disk Alloys”.

The next Materials Forum will take place in early 2020. If you would like further information about the forum please contact Fabian Burkhardt, Chair of the PSSLC.