Last week, Association XY organized a meeting with Ms Lamija Husić, the assistant to the Minister for Secondary and Adult Education in Sarajevo Canton.

Association XY

Several high school teachers who teach Association XY’s Healthy Lifestyles subject in their schools also attended the meeting. The meeting included discussions about the training for teachers – planned for early next year – that will be undertaken as part of the collaboration between Association XY and Professor Janine Natalya Clark. At the end of the training course, each participant will have knowledge of the topics related to sexual violence and stigma that are part of the Training Manual on Sex and Relationship Education, developed by Professor Clark and Thomas Stocks. The topics will then be taught by trained teachers in selected schools in Sarajevo Canton. 

The Ministry of Education, Science and Youth in Sarajevo Canton has responded positively to the project, pointing out that addressing the problem of stigma and discrimination against victims/survivors of sexual violence – by educating young people within the framework of their formal education – is important for developing a healthy and unbiased understanding of the issues faced by women and men who have experienced sexual violence, either during the Bosnian war or subsequently. By the end of the year, and in cooperation with the Ministry, Association XY will complete the process of selecting teachers to take part in the trainings.