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Last week, Association XY organized the first of three workshops to design a media campaign aimed at drawing public attention to the problem of stigmatization of women and men who suffered sexual violence during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war or subsequently.

Peer educators at Association XY, together with the NGO’s Youth Coordinator, PR Officer and the Project’s Coordinator, designed the basic elements of the campaign, including some of its core messages, and assigned particular tasks to the key individuals involved in the campaign. Campaign messages will be promoted through Association XY’s extensive social networks and through the project website, as part of the University of Birmingham’s official website. The campaign will be launched in January 2020. On the final day, there will be an organised street action in front of the BBI Centre in downtown Sarajevo. In the coming weeks, the generated messages and other campaign items will be shared with a small number of survivors of sexual violence, to enable them to input valuable ideas and to contribute to the development of the campaign and its activities. 

Some delegates at the Association XY Workshop