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AstraZeneca has a funding stream to support externally sponsored scientific research in relation to expanding the knowledge related to a company product and/or its associated disease area(s). This research can advance science and contribute to the development of better medicines for patients consistent with the company’s overall research and global development strategies.

Externally Sponsored Scientific Research (ESR) is research that is initiated and managed by a Non-Company Researcher who assumes the legal and regulatory responsibility for the conduct and management of the research as defined by applicable regulations and laws of the country involved.

They support:

Interventional Clinical Research (Phase I - IV) - involving authorized, unauthorized or discontinued Company compounds no longer being developed.

Observational Research (i.e. Real World Evidence (RWE)) - the product of interventional or non-interventional research, utilising data collected through observation of current clinical practice and/or patient reported experience.

Non-Clinical Research (pre-clinical research) - for compounds in Phase III development or beyond in vitro, in vivo or ex vivo biomedical research not performed on human subjects such as: pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, animal, microbiologic, human biological samples (biomarker, diagnostic assay). Compounds in pre phase III development are open for externally sponsored research submissions via the AstraZeneca Open Innovation portal.