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At the Games Development Society, we immerse ourselves in the art of making games. To start of the term we organised a small paper prototyping workshop. This didn’t need any technical knowledge so it allowed all of our members, including complete beginners, to have a taste of what it takes to design a game without limitation.

The following week we launched a term-long game jam on the theme of Pirates and Anger Management and we then dedicated the following weeks for our members to work in teams on their interpretation of the theme.

This term we were also very honoured to have two amazing talks by Hung from LevelUp UK, who enriched us with his perspective on dealing with university as a passionate game developer, and Andrew from BrumIndies who gave us an amazing talk on how to perform well in 24/48 hour Game Jams (which are time constrained team or solo games development competitions).

As a highlight of the term we held our own Fall-O-Ween 48 hour game jam, where our members made some absolutely amazing games (and won some cool prizes!). We even had the honour of our Fall-O-Ween Game Jam submissions to be included in a bigger Game Jam event, organised by LevelUp UK which involved participants from games development societies across multiple universities.

Below you can see images of the game that won first place in Fall-O-Ween Jam 2019 and you can view and play all the submissions at

sample game jame winners

There is more to come in the second term. Join our Discord and Facebook now to keep track of what we’re doing.

Ivan Tsoninski
Games Development Society