The BRIHC Lecture Series facilitates conversations across the School of History and Cultures by investigating specific themes through the lens of different fields and disciplines.

In this year‘s series, some of the school‘s leading scholars investigate how concepts of historical ruptures, continuities and transformations have shaped and continue to shape how people make sense of the past.

19 November 2019 — Kate Skinner (DASA)
Independence as Rupture, Continuity or Transition? Gendering Citizenship and Decolonising Justice in 1960s Ghana

14 January 2020 — Helle Jørgensen (Ironbridge)
Postcolonial Commemorative Practices Surrounding Monument aux Morts — The Afterlives of Indo-French Colonial Connections around Puducherry’s French War Memorial

23 January 2020 — John Munro (History)
The Colonialism of Neoliberal Gentrification

4 February 2020 — Benedetta Rossi (DASA)
Slavery in the West African Sahel — A Resilient Institution

16 March 2020 — Tara Hamling/Jonathan Willis (History)
From Rejection  to Reconciliation — Coming to Terms with the Image in Protestant England 1560-1640