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The University of Birmingham’s Canadian Society aims to bring together Canadian and non-Canadian students alike, in order to assist with career transition and promote Canadian culture.

Moreover, our aim is to foster a welcoming environment where students are able to create experiences which further develop their personal and professional lives. We plan to reach out to students in all faculties at the University of Birmingham, and host information sessions/events in order to provide career insights and to build their network during their time at the University of Birmingham.

The Canadian Society will work with the University and the Law School so as to enable students to benefit from the following: 

  • Skill Building Workshops
  • Canadian Legal Careers Conference
  • NCA and LLM Information Sessions
  • Information Sessions with Canadian and UK Law Firms

In addition, the Canadian Society will also host and take part in activities such as: 

  • Relay relevant information/news regarding current events affecting Canada
  • Canadian quiz night
  • Celebrate Canadian Federal and Provincial holidays 

For more information, visit the Canadian Society Facebook page.

Image: Chair Hanisha Singh and Vice Chair Sukhpal Grewal sharing their Canadian pride in on campus

Photo of two students from Birmingham's Canada Law Society holding the Canadian flag in front of the University of Birmingham crests