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CHASM has been awarded £1,000 from the University of Birmingham’s Alumni Impact Fund to deliver a pilot project, assessing the financial capability needs of graduating students. 

Although Universities tend to support students in some financial capability areas while they are studying, such as understanding student debt issues, there are no provisions to equip their graduating students with the skills and information they require to start their next phase of life.  CHASM recognises the need to educate students in financial capability to prepare them for upcoming challenges such as starting employment, securing a home, budgeting and saving to create financial resilience. 

To address this need, CHASM has secured £1,000 from the University of Birmingham Alumni Impact Fund to deliver a pilot project in 2019, assessing the full range of financial capability needs of graduating students.  Around 80 students will be consulted as part of National Student Money Week (4-8 February 2019) with the aim of exploring how an online and face to face programme could be created for 2020, to upskill students to be financially capable after graduation. 

CHASM Director, Professor Andy Lymer said:

‘This is a really exciting and important project that will ultimately give our students the much needed financial capability skills and knowledge for them to thrive after graduation.  The CHASM Team and I are grateful for the financial support from alumni to allow us to deliver the pilot this year’.