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Last Tuesday, members of the Codex Zacynthius project joined with the Centre for the Study of the Bible in the Humanities for a study day at Oriel College, Oxford. Over thirty people took part in the day, at which the project presented its work on the manuscript and the prototype of the electronic edition which will be released early next year in the Cambridge Digital Library. Gavriil-Ioannis Boutziopoulos gave an account of his experience as one of the postgraduate transcribers of the lectionary overtext, and Nigel Wilson offered an overview of the work of its scribe Neilos. He brought the project's attention to a manuscript in the Vatican Library also copied by Neilos: although parts of this manuscript are also a palimpsest, these are endpapers which were reused in the fourteenth century and not further, lost parts of Codex Zacynthius. An account of the event has also been posted by Peter Head on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog,  who described it as "a great day with very informative presentations".

 David Parker and Hugh Houghton open the study day


Gavriil-Ioannis Boutziopoulos talks about the lectionary transcription

gavriil copy

Gavriil-Ioannis Boutziopoulos, Amy Myshrall and Hugh Houghton with one of the multispectral images of the undertext


Panagiotis Manafis discusses the identification of the scholia in the catena