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Following a very successful annual meeting of the Academy of International Business – UK&I (AIB-UK&I) Chapter between the 12-14 April 2018, colleagues within The Department of Strategy & International Business are now delighted to publish the 45th AIB-UK&I Chapter and Palgrave book series.

This edited collection is titled 'The Changing Strategies of International Business: How MNEs Manage in a Changing Commercial and Political Landscape' and it brings together fresh perspectives on international business strategy, with a focus on the challenges faced by multinational enterprises (MNEs) in today’s changing commercial and political landscape. With a diverse range of contributors from varying international backgrounds, this book discusses the different strategies employed by MNEs, and analyses how they cope with the current global business environment.

This is an extremely useful read for those studying globalisation and MNEs, this book provides an interdisciplinary and timely approach to international business strategy.

“In compiling this volume the Editors have done a superb job in reflecting the turbulence and uncertainty for international business in many parts of the world today.  Private and state-owned MNEs as well as SME and born-digital enterprises are examined through various thematic lenses. These include: legitimacy, bureaucracy, political risk and institutional change, social interaction, technological disruption, human rights and responsible business practices.”
Marian V. Jones, Professor, The University of Sheffield, UK

“This book is a valuable resource for teaching and research on contemporary international business. It offers new insights into the strategies that multinational enterprises, both large and small, adopt as paths to performance in a changing and increasingly uncertain international business environment.  It recognizes that their global expansion requires entry into unfamiliar markets, especially in emerging economies where coping with political risk, governmental regulation and different cultural norms are key requirements.”
John Child, Professor, University of Birmingham, UK

“This is an exciting new book, covering contemporary issues of importance to the field of international business. It is structured around three key parts, namely multinationals, governments and political risks, emerging markets, and SMEs. With its numerous novel insights and original research, this book will guide current and future research agenda.”
Axele Giroud, Professor, University of Manchester, UK

“This book brings together the latest research on key international business topics, and particularly incorporates changes in the institutional and competitive environments that multinational firms operate in, along with important technological changes. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to gain up-to-date insights into these matters.”
Michael Mol, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark