Writing for the University of Birmingham's Perspective, Emeritus Professor of Physical Chemistry Richard Tuckett recently made the case for controlling climate change to avoid a global migration challenge that will make the current migration issues in Europe seem minuscule.

In his article, Professor Tuckett summarises the global scientific consensus on climate change, that all countries must act collectively if the Earth’s temperature by the end of this century can be limited to 1.5 C above that before the Industrial Revolution 150 years ago.  He observes: "What is noticeable is that no reputable scientist now disputes the phenomenon of climate change; this was not the case ten years ago."

Birmingham Perspective provides a space for members of University of Birmingham to share their personal views on an issue or debate. From a personal perspective, Professor Tuckett advocates that each of us make lifestyle changes to reduce the contribution we are making to climate change. He recognises, however, that individual lifestyle changes are insufficient on a planet of 7.4 billion people to make much difference to this global problem, and stresses the need for concerted action at the national and international level if the world is to limit the worst effects of climate change.

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Controlling climate change