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An online course designed to help teachers better understand young people’s uses of social media and how it influences their health and wellbeing is being launched at the University of Birmingham.

Starting in September 2019, the free online course is sponsored by Google and delivered by lecturers in the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences. It is designed particularly for primary and secondary teachers, and those currently undergoing teacher training.

The course offers valuable insights into the complex and dynamic ways in which young people navigate social media and the ways in which social media shapes learning, as well as health and wellbeing. Participants will be able to develop the skills they need to critically engage with social media in delivering education and supporting young people’s wellbeing.

Course leader, Dr Victoria Goodyear, says: “We know that social media is an essential and often valuable part of life for young people. As adults we need to be sure we are equipping ourselves to engage with these resources in informed ways, and in ways that will enhance the education and wellbeing of young people.”

The course is free for participants and starts in September 2019. It will take place over an academic year and covers four main topics:

  • Understanding how young people use and navigate social media for their learning, and health and wellbeing. Participants will learn from young people about how they use social media and be supported to engage with students about their social media engagement
  • Designing a social media curriculum and teaching practices. Participants will be supported to design and test different approaches using social media to help students learn
  • Evaluation. Participants will get new tools to evaluate practice and student learning in a social media context
  • Best practice. Participants will be invited to take part in an online conference and publish their social media curriculum and teaching approaches in a forthcoming book.

For more information on how to register for the course, visit #OpenCPD at the University of Birmingham. 

For further information please contact Beck Lockwood, Press Office, University of Birmingham, tel 0121 414 2772.

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