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The Centre for Responsible Business hosted a stall offering participants not only the chance to understand some of our fantastic research, but also to pledge to do their bit to be more responsible.

Our featured research included analysis into:

  • electric vehicles and achieving zero emissions by 2050;
  • achieving the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • responsible fishing;
  • aesthetic diversity;
  • financing responsibly.

We welcomed many people to our stall, providing the opportunity to make a ‘pledge’, one thing they could do in their daily lives to be more responsible either socially, economically or environmentally.


The pledges made on the day varied in tone from turning off the tap while brushing teeth and switching off the light when leaving a room, to buying from more independent shops and firms and checking the labels of goods.

The fact that many of the pledges came from children was heartening, and many of them were encouraged to really think about what they could do to make the world a better place. A large number of these were environmentally focussed: pledges such as ‘clean up the ocean’, ‘don’t litter’ and ‘recycle plastics’ were among the most common.


The pledges provided an interesting look at the topics most prevalent on the minds of various generations, and highlighted the upward trend in public awareness of these issues. The genuine enthusiasm of children in particular to ‘do better’ and understand responsible business was clear.

Those who pledged could then take a picture with our frame to illustrate that they had taken the time to create positive change. Participants were given a plant pot to grow their own flowers at home and take a small step to improving the environment for garden wildlife.


The Green Heart is 12 acres of stunning new parkland located, as the name would suggest, at the heart of the Edgbaston University campus. The parkland opens up the centre of campus, allowing for striking views of the University’s clock tower, old joe, all the way from the north gate.

The festival featured live music, activities and stalls focussed on the transformational research taking place at the University. A little rain did not put a dampener on festivities and the event was well attended, with people of all ages enjoying the range of activities on offer.

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