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The typical committee drawn from the chemical engineering ranks has been replaced by a new super combination of Mech Eng, Chem Eng and International Relations and they’ve been leading the fantastic start to the season for the Engineering Eagles Hockey Club.

We’ve tens of new and returning members of all abilities entering the ranks to build two strong teams that are both fighting hard against old rivals, new rivals and between ourselves to top the intramural league table going into the Christmas break. Unfortunately, neither team is at the top of the league yet with the As and Bs (not ability determined) holding 3rd and 4th places respectively on 19 points each. Sitting only a point above us is the newly revitalised KINVIG and only a win ahead are our eternal rivals, the Medics 2s (Booo!).

league table december 2019

The As have been on top form from the very start of the season, when they narrowly beat the Bs in a gladiatorial tussle ending 4-3 in the first game of the season. The Bs struggled to recover quickly from this defeat by our nearest and dearest and sadly didn’t gain their first win until the start of November. Since then they’ve been unstoppable under the new super leadership coalition of Mmmmmmilo (Vice-Captain) Mcnally and Big Phil Pagani, culminating in a flawless performance to outclass KINVIG into a 2-0 defeat, in the best team hockey I’ve even seen in the red and feathers of an Eagles team since the heady days of national league ringers in the mid-twenty-tens.


The other side of the coin to the Club’s fantastic role in playing some of the best hockey ever to grace the Bournbrook playing fields is its vital role in social inclusion from across the EPS College and beyond. Members from the Engineering Eagles team are regularly seen warming the seats in some of Selly Oak’s finest small businesses as well as a range of special events including testing our statistical skills and understanding of fluid dynamics at the bingo, as well as supporting our resident drum and bass DJ at his first Guild of Students performance. It has been a successful first half to the season for the Eagles and we are well set to continue this into the new year and beyond!

Eagles Love xxxxxx

Thomas Paish
Former Captain (Can’t let go of the “good old days”!)

b team