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Hey all! Women in Finance (WiF) had quite an eventful term these past months and we hope you had enjoyed it.

The Society brought in some bankers, data scientists, consultants and lots of other interesting people to our events. They are designed to equip you with the necessary skills to increase your employability through participating in a variety of skills sessions varying from recruitment workshops with career coaches to panel sessions with people from the profession teaching you some hints and tips. Oh, we are also working on breaking the myth that the finance is not for EPS students by joining the EPS Community, because we would love to have everyone in the industry!

Here are some event highlights from this past year:

This was such an exciting event with over 65 people studying a range of degrees coming to the event to gain more knowledge about the effect of technology on the financial industry. We brought in professionals that came from a variety of firms and backgrounds that hopefully showcased the power of diversity that can push the industry forward. For instance, one of our panellists (who is now a data consultant in PwC) studied Mechanical Engineering in the University!

And last but not least.. there was free pizza! Always a good end to any WiF event.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lloyds Bank before! They were very kind enough to come in and give a 3-hour simulated Assessment Centre complete with feedback. The students were assessed on their individual presentation, one-to-one interview, group activity and a case study!

It was very thorough and the feedback was amazing. As you can imagine, it was incredibly useful to have done an assessment centre that is fully assessed by qualified representatives from Lloyds, because it gave our members some invaluable experience.

Women in Finance society has elected a fresh new batch of committee, ready to bring new events and old favourites!

President – Cindy Khalista
Vice-President – Kaitong Chen
Secretary – Yasmine Dajani
Treasurer – Sabrina Chen
PR & Marketing Manager – Claire Tsai

We look forward to hosting more events and hopefully seeing even more of you there!

Cindy Khalista
Women in Finance President 2019/2020