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Professor Jessica Woodhams and Dr Fazeelat Duran have been successful in securing Fellowship via the AXA Research Fund. The focus of Dr Duran’s fellowship will be to study the impact of exposure to traumatic material on wellbeing and its causal mechanisms in “Back Office” Police and Law Enforcement Staff. She will be hosted within the Centre for Applied Psychology (CAP, led by Woodhams) and supported by a broader host team drawn from the Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH) and the Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing (CCJP).

Ed Wilding, Head of Psychology at the University of Birmingham comments "We are delighted that Dr Duran has received this prestigious fellowship. Our University has a strong commitment to understanding and promoting wellbeing across all of our colleges. During this fellowship, Dr Duran will provide new insights into how exposure to traumatic materials has a negative impact on people working in law enforcement. These insights will lead to improved ways of supporting individuals in these important roles.”