CHASM’s financial inclusion research and activities are being showcased across the nation in the University of Birmingham ‘Heroes’ campaign 2019.  

The campaign features Professor Karen Rowlingson, Deputy Director of CHASM and the Centre’s Financial Inclusion Research Lead, Professor Andy Lymer, Director of CHASM, and CHASM team members Professor Kim Scharf (Head of the Department of Economics) and Dr Louise Overton (Lecturer in Social Policy).

The topic of financial inclusion has hit the headlines recently with the collapse of a number of pay-day lenders, most notably Wonga, cuts in government funding and benefits for low income households and the increasingly complex and confusing retirement landscape.  Our research into financial inclusion explores how people manage money throughout their lives, from saving to housing to pensions. 

At a time of increasing economic uncertainty and growing inequality, the UK has seen a shift from collective welfare provision towards individuals shouldering the burden of responsibility and risk. However, many people do not have the financial means or capability to manage this effectively.  CHASM are championing the need for policy makers and businesses to evolve practices and services to meet the needs of the population more effectively.

As part of our CHASM research projects we:

  • Monitor the ongoing changes to personal financial wellbeing, and fight for fairer finance for all
  • Examine the evolving roles the state, financial services sector, employers, third sector and individuals/families have in improving outcomes
  • Explore the impact of demographic change, including population ageing, on household finances
  • Drive meaningful changes that can bridge the gap towards financial inclusion, rather than exclusion.

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