A feature film directed by Modern Languages graduate Hannah Silver (BA French Studies, 2009-2013) has been selected for the 2019 Hollywood Women’s Film Festival.

The film uses characters from fairy tales to provoke discussion about rape and related issues, and the ways in which certain types of story circulate between different groups and generations.

Through individual modules and a final-year Dissertation, Hannah specialised in film during her degree at Birmingham. After graduating Hannah made a number of short films before securing funding for House of Bricks through Kickstarter.

House of Bricks

In January 2018 Hannah generously returned to campus to speak to current students about theHouse of Bricks project as part of Modern Languages Professionals Week, which is open to all students in the Department.

House of Bricks will be screened in Hollywood on 18 June. 

Congratulations to Hannah and all the cast and crew.