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Hi there! We are the University of Birmingham’s Global Engineering Brigades Society, part of the non-profit organisation Global Brigades. We’re excited to become a recognised EPS Society and are even more excited to tell you about what we will be doing leading up to and during our trip to Ghana next year.

Following on from the success of the Medical Brigades here at Birmingham and hearing of our friends exciting stories, we decided that a new chapter focusing on engineering should be opened. 

Once our planned donation goal of £600 per person has been reached, we will fly out to Ghana in the summer and work closely with local engineers and technicians to design a water system for rural communities. It will be no easy feat. The engineering brigade will use information about the land and infrastructure to determine a suitable design for the community. This will include lending a hand in the digging of the trenches and connecting pipes. Also, as a brigade we will be providing educational services to improve knowledge on general upkeep of the water systems. The educational services focus on empowering the community so that it can become self-sufficient. The hard work begins now to secure funds for our trip to Ghana through fundraising events and outreach programmes! 

Currently the committee is comprised of a group of second and third year mechanical and civil engineering students excited to meet more like-minded people driven by helping others.

Engineering Brigades new committee

If applying engineering knowledge in a unique and sustainable way that makes a difference around the world interests you, then we are the society for you!

You don’t even have to do an engineering subject, just have a desire to help! 

If you’re interested in joining our society follow the link to our Facebook Group or email us on

We can’t wait to meet you!