Hi everyone, we are the University of Birmingham’s first ever Virtual Reality Society (UBVR)! We aim is to give people the chance to experience and learn about all things virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Society logo

Virtual Reality (VR) has been on the rise and has been used by a variety of different industries, such as: medicinal, film, engineering, gaming etc. It is a tool to give the user an experience in a virtual world and see a reality that would not be possible in real life. Finding VR resources can be hard to find but with UBVR we hope to give you access to the Emerging Technologies Laboratory (ETL) to learn and experience VR!

We aim to give everyone a golden opportunity to use and learn about VR technology. Throughout the academic year, we will be working on projects in partnerships with the faculty of engineering.  Join our team and help create awesome educational VR experiences, and for those who have unique project ideas about VR, tell us! We’ll gladly support you and the project may become our focus over the coming semester.

Over the year we aim to hold educational seminars teaching everyone about VR and how to develop for it. We’ll also be holding regular socials with games night using VR!

We have the support from the talented education team at Unity Software to use and learn about their platform. It is a great platform to develop on and we hope to teach you how to use it. If any member of the teams would like to utilise an alternative software, we’re all ears. We’re a new society, having your help is crucial!

To join simply drop us an email or DM at one of the following:
Email: emailubvr@gmail.com
Instagram: @uob_virtualreality
Facebook: @ubvirtualreality

The UBVR society will have a stall at the EPS Societies Fair on Wednesday 9 October. This will be a great opportunity to meet members of UBVR society and a greater opportunity to join. We encourage people from all disciplines to try, experiment and have fun with VR.

We're looking forward to meeting you all!