Are you interested in learning how to start a business? Are you a big fan of Silicon Valley? Don't even know what Silicon Valley is? Don't worry, we're here for everyone. Our purpose is to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and the creation of startups at the University. We aim to teach you the entrepreneurial skills which you will find useful later on in your career, whether as a founder of your own enterprise or an employee at a company. Startup Soc is a platform where you can meet other students interested in technology, design, and business, discuss new trends and pursue your ideas together.

During the academic year, we organise a variety of events such as startup 101 lectures, company treks, workshops with tech giants, exploring new trends lectures, competitions, and socials. To ensure the highest quality of delivery and content, we invite entrepreneurs from all over the UK to speak on topics that are crucial for us, entrepreneurs. All of our events are free. We're also in partnership with four other Birmingham universities which means that by joining us you receive exclusive access to a huge network of student entrepreneurs and more events - all this also for free. 

If you're looking to meet open-minded, motivated and smart people from a variety of backgrounds join us and help us on our mission to encourage entrepreneurship among students. It's going to be amazing, we promise!