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The first-ever term of the Concrete Canoe Society at the University of Birmingham has been invaluable and taught us many lessons. We got off to a good start with almost 50 students registering interest in being a part of one of our three teams: Structural Design, Material Design and Construction. All three teams then held meetings ice-breaker events to get to know each other and set out their plans for the term.

We’ve got stuck into the design of the canoe with our Design Team meeting up periodically through the term and almost completing the design for the first UoB Concrete Canoe! We've got some final checks to make before the design is handed over to the Construction Team to start on the mould. The Materials Team have been working hard to develop the appropriate mix design to maintain the strength of the canoe, as well as give it its buoyancy. 

Our second semester will be much busier. With the designs nearing completion we can finally get into the labs and start construction of the canoe, which we’re on target to complete by the end of the second semester!

If you're interested in joining, or just want to keep an eye on our progress, why not find us on Facebook or Instagram with Concrete Canoe Club UoB. You can also email us on

first concrete canoe model