On 28 January 2019 VICTAR and Thomas Pocklington Trust launched their Our Right to Study campaign report  in parliament at a joint meeting between the All Party Parliamentary Groups for Eye Health and Visual Impairment, Assistive Technology and Young Disabled People.

Presentations were given by Tara Chattaway from Thomas Pocklington Trust, Rachel Hewett from VICTAR and Holly Scott Gardner. All three APPGs agreed to support the campaign moving forward. After listening to the evidence, Seema Malhotra, MP stated: 

Much more can be achieved when we bring our APPG’s together.  There is an increasing number of disabled people going to University but higher education is still not inclusive enough.  Disabled people are not achieving the same level of outcomes and find getting employment after graduating more difficult. We need to work in combination with the universities to consider how mainstream technology can have a huge impact, for example, an App that can read an e-book. There is a need to review where the DSA is headed and how they can work together with the universities.