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Richard Kaminski

I grew up in a small village in South Wales but have always had a wanderlust. I have had a pretty eclectic employment history; I’ve worked in call centres, bars, shops and in the food service industry. Whilst traveling I sold cable TV door-to-door in Darwin, Australia and used cars in Sydney. I worked on a fish-farm and as a barman in a 5-star resort on Fraser Island, where a grumpy Death Adder would often try to bite me through the glass of the kitchen window. I learned a lot from these experiences and the people I met along the way.

Later I trained as a teacher and education is definitely my calling. I love the sense of fulfillment in helping students realise their own potential, whatever that may be. 

Wellbeing is an incredibly broad topic with innumerable different paths, but as a teacher I found one of the most important ingredients is positivity about one’s self. Recognising your own hard work, believing in your own ability and accepting your own fallibility are so important. This is not always easy, but the benefits from trying are enormous. The great thing about being part of this project is that anything is possible; we're building on the great services provided by the University of Birmingham Wellbeing Service but any student with a great idea can also make it happen! Want to start a film club, or a diving club, or a debating club , or organise a trip to Oman? We can help make it happen, all you need is enthusiasm! My goal this year is to work with the student body to provide a range of opportunities for our students to learn, socialise and, perhaps most importantly, to have fun!

If you'd like to suggest a wellbeing activity, email