Our team have worked to build a programme that will allow lecturers to hold feedback workshops with students. Guides have been made to help organisers with creating the session. The session was originally created to engage students during the enrichment week of NATY but can be used wherever applicable to improve student understanding and satisfaction with the feedback process.

Previous students involved in these sessions have found the exercise to be incredibly helpful when generating future reports. It has also been informative for academics to better understand the student perspective and expectations surrounding feedback.

In 2019 a module of 3rd year Mechanical Engineering students received their feedback through this new tool. Before they received their feedback, they were given a questionnaire for them to reflect on their experience on feedback they had previously received. Once they had received their feedback, they were then asked to reflect on just this feedback so that we could compare the differences. We found that:

  • Students' understanding of what they had done well had increased by 24%
  • Students' understanding of what they had not done well had increased by 14%
  • Students' understanding of how to improve in the future had improved by 8%
  • Students' approach to creating future reports had improved by 5%

Please see the link below for the information guide to run your own session: