Dr. Dina Kiwan presenting her research at the Palace of Westminster

On the basis of extensive literature reviews and in depth international networking involving seminars, conferences and public events on 3 continents, the Leverhulme Network project team have produced academic insights and practical professional illustrations of the relationship between education and engagement in society.

The team has collaborated with academics, teachers and others in Australia, Canada, England, Hungary, Lebanon and Singapore to produce academic papers and a civic educators' guide full of ideas and practical illustrations of how to educate about, through and for engagement.

The civic educators' guide is titled: Taking action for change: educating for youth civic engagement and activism. It was launched at the Houses of Parliament, London on 13 June 2019 as part of an event in which the project team present the results of their work.

Baroness Estelle Morris (former Secretary of State for Education) introduced the event in London and the team presented their work to an audience of academics, researchers, teacher trainers, NGO staff and teachers. 

The London event will be followed later in the month by an academic conference in Budapest, Hungary. At that conference 80 delegates from 20 countries will present papers about key issues, ideas and practices regarding how we can educate about and for taking part in contemporary society. 

The project team hope that their efforts to understand and develop education and engagement will prompt others to contribute to this important work.