The Aston Webb building, University of Birmingham

The new fortnightly BRIHC Seminar will provide a forum to present ongoing research in the School of History and Cultures. Addressing first and foremost early-career researchers, it will give more visibility to the fascinating research projects undertaken by the school’s research fellows, visiting scholars and advanced doctoral students.

The aim is two-fold: firstly to integrate these groups of researchers deeper into the school, thus enhancing their experience during their time at Birmingham, and secondly to increase the visibility of the exciting research undertaken at SHaC.

The BRIHC Seminar will start with a get-together on 29th of January at 4pm in the Rodney Hilton Library (Arts, 335). All the aforementioned groups and all other SHaC staff are invited. This social (with snacks) will give colleagues from across the school the opportunity to get to know each other and to familiarise themselves with the concept of the seminar. Thematic sessions will follow on a fortnightly basis, starting on 12th of February – same time, same place. Sessions will consist of research presentations, followed by discussions.  

The BRIHC Seminar will also serve the purpose of a central communication hub for early-career researchers. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your research. But also if you are principal investigator in a project that includes research fellows, if you supervise advanced doctoral students who would benefit from discussing their research in a broader circle, or if you are sponsoring a visiting scholar from abroad, please do get them in touch with me (, so I can make arrangements for them to present their work.

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th of January and then every other week!