This past term has been really exciting for SATNAV with another successful issue, discussion sessions and even a brief foray into the glamourous world of ball gowns.

Coming off the back of last terms issue ‘Other Worlds’ (which is available online at we hit the ground running. We had a successful time at the University Freshers Fair and EPS Societies Fair, followed by some taster sessions in which we gave writing advice, talked about articles in previous issues and potential topics for the upcoming issue, ‘Science and Society’. This provided a platform for open discussion on a variety of topics – anything from climate change to vaccines. These inspired further discussion events on scientific topics and the controversies surrounding them, such as vaccinating children and single-use plastic. These were informal workshops where members could come together and talk through what they were working on or interested in writing about. They’re definitely something we’re looking to continue in 2020!

As well as the serious work that goes into creating the magic that is SATNAV, we took the time to have a little fun as well. Some of our committee members were able to attend the Media Ball which saw all the University’s various communication-based societies come together for a festive celebration.

Speaking of the magic of SATNAV, our issue this term of ‘Science and Society’ and our members had some really interesting interpretations on the topic: from learning how to stop worrying to aesthetic medicine. As always work went into curating all articles and creating some stunning artwork to go along with them. Adam, our secretary, even got the chance to interview Angela Saini when she was on campus as part of the University’s Book to the Future literacy festival. His article features in the issue and Angela is our cover star.

issue 19 cover

The theme of Science and Society proved to be a particularly interesting one, with a wide range of interpretations and submissions. Don’t take my word for it though, pick up one of our issues for free around campus or read it online at

As with every issue we intend to do even better with our next! The theme is Forgotten People and we’re currently accepting submissions. Information on how to submit articles and get more involved with the Society are all on our Facebook page so be sure to check us out at

Keep an eye out on Facebook page this term as we have some very exciting things coming up! If anyone is interested in getting involved please contact us through Facebook or email us on

Stay groovy and think about science.