Olga Lehmann and Gilbert Wood, ‘Sketch for Mural in a Canteen for the Censorship Division’

Dr Emma West has launched a new blog to share research findings from her postdoctoral project, Revolutionary Red Tape: How state bureaucracy shaped British modernism.

“After spending the last couple of years researching in archives from Aberystwyth to Leeds to London, I’m delighted to begin sharing some of the stories I’ve found,” said Dr West. “I’m particularly keen to tell the stories of the amazing women artists, organisers and administrators working to increase public access to the arts in modern Britain. So many of these women have been unjustly forgotten: I’m pleased to have a platform to draw attention to their transformative work.” 

The blog will feature a number of occasional series, including “Pioneering Women” and “Advocates for the Arts”, exploring the extraordinary individuals and organisations who aimed to bring ‘art to the people’.

Dr West hopes it will provide a resource to those interested in arts organisations, arts funding, state patronage of the arts and public art in the first half of the twentieth century.