October 8th, 2019, Birmingham, UK: Irresistible Materials Ltd, a company spun out of the University of Birmingham to develop materials for leading edge semiconductor lithography, is delighted to announce the appointment of industry veteran Daniel Armbrust as Chairman. 

Daniel Armbrust has over 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, starting with IBM, where he was a VP responsible for semiconductor manufacturing for IBM’s 200mm and then 300mm fabs.  Subsequently he was President and CEO of SEMATECH, a consortium of semiconductor companies that pioneered extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lithography technology and developed the industry’s EUV ecosystem.  Most recently, he is co-founder, Director and initial CEO of Silicon Catalyst, the industry’s first incubator for semiconductor start-ups.

David Ure, Director at Irresistible Materials (IM), commented: “Daniel has helped lead the development and implementation of EUV as a solution for next generation lithography, and his deep understanding of what is required to succeed developing leading edge technology in the semiconductor industry will be key to IM’s success as we progress towards launch of our EUV photoresist material.”

Daniel Armbrust said: “I am excited to join IM at a time when industry is ramping EUV technology and is looking for solutions optimized specifically for the ever increasing demand for materials performance to extend Moore’s law over the next several generations.”

Irresistible Materials plans to progress through advanced trials of both its EUV photoresist and spin-on-carbon materials through 2019 and 2020, with a goal of readying for commercial launch in 2021.

The patented materials are a new form of chemistry known as a multi-trigger resist (MTR). MTRs will help electronic device manufacturers resolve features smaller than 18 nanometers (nm), that are required for advanced processes entering manufacturing in next decade. 

The outgoing Chair Stuart McIntosh had been with the company for six years, and has now retired after a career spanning 47 years in industry, including senior executive positions at Philips Electronics and at ASML Lithography (now the leading Lithography company in the world), and Board positions for ASML, ASMC, and International SEMATECH. 

David Ure commented: “We would like to thank Stuart, who oversaw IM’s growth from a start-up licensing novel technology from the University of Birmingham, into an organization with a strong investor base, international partnerships, and established relationships with several major photoresist users and suppliers.” 


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About Irresistible Materials

IM was created to further develop and commercialise the University of Birmingham’s lithographic materials technology for the next generation of microchips.  Since launch, IM has developed an extensive patent portfolio covering innovative resist (EUV and E-beam) and hard-mask materials. It continues to work closely with the University, alongside a growing network of partners and collaborators worldwide to both develop and commercialize its materials portfolio. For more information, visit: www.irresistiblematerials.com.

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